Disney Fairies: Vidia

by Andrea
(Pixie Hollow)

Vidia and the Fairy Crown

Vidia and the Fairy Crown

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Disney fairies are one of the most love characters in Disney world. Tinker Bell’s greatest competitor Vidia, is the leader of the fastest-flying fairies in Pixie Hollow. As a matter of fact she is on her way of training herself is to fly faster than the speed of sound .

She was first seen in the movie Tinker Bell in which she portrayed the role of Tinker Bell’s main antagonist. Perceived as selfish, Vidia wants to be always on the top of every fairy in Never Land. She dislikes and envies Tinker Bell because she is gifted with extraordinary talent.

Being a loner she loves to fly with her adorable wings, race with dragonflies and even try to win in a competition with animals in the Pixie Hollow Games. Compared to her peers, she is quite taller than the rest of the fairies. With long black hair and light skin Vidia is characterized as a proud and mysterious fairy. Actually no one knows that she has spare pixie dust sealed in a box under her bed.

She is a lean purple fairy with beautiful gray eyes and pointed ears. She has a slight fear of hawks. During a hawk attack in Pixie Hollow, Vidia was embarrassed by Tinker when they had the same hiding place in which she hardly get away from the predator’s sight.

As the Tink’s rival, she planned a revenge that she thinks will ruin the fairy’s image. When Tinker asks for her help afterwards she shrewdly challenged Tinker to seize sprinting thistle thinking that this might put the cute fairy to shame.

In Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue film, Vidia and Tinker Bell bump into each other’s way in a “fairy house” when they spent the summer visiting the meadows of England which was at the peak of flowering season.

When Tinker is held by Lizzie (the human little girl with a love for fairies) it was Vidia who informed other fairies who then save Tinker. Unluckily Vidia was captured by Lizzie’s father and locked up in a jar to be brought to London.

After her rescue Vidia befriended Tinker Bell and other fairies. They end up having a picnic and tea party together with Lizzie’s father who also apologized for his wrong doing.

In the Vidia and the Fairy Crown book , she goes through another challenge . Being wrongly accused of stealing the crown of Queen Clarion, she goes on a quest to prove her innocence., initiating and investigation that will take her in more adventures.

Along the characters that were created from the story books, only Vidia made it to a main role in all Tinker Bell movies. The voice who was giving life to this gorgeous fairy was Pamela Adlon.

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