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by Andrea
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If your little one loves baking, cooking, tea time, and hosting parties, this life size cafe is the perfect present for her.

If you ever wonder if she is the next Martha Stewart in training this is one of the coolest gifts you can get for her

The beautiful and colorful cafe is a hit with kids who love the Disney fairies and having a great time.

Once is put together this toy is mesmerizing for little ones. they can play and interact with it.

Getting this toy for your kid will turn you into the coolest parent on the block!

With realistic sounds and the voice of Tinkerbell, this set once is set up will bring endless hours of playtime.

These are some of the sounds:

* Running water at the sink

* Kettle whistling when kettle is placed on the stove

* Soup boiling when you place the pot on the stove

* Tink herself saying many phrases like: My name is Tinkerbell. I'm glad you could meet me here at the cafe.

It includes the café, tray, play slice of cheese, play carrot cake, ladle, play sugar cookie and tea pot with lid, soup pot with lid, play cinnamon bun, play bread, 2 tea cups and 2 plates.

The assembly takes between 1/2 to 2 hours, depending on your patience and skill, but it is all worth it!

Once you see your little princess smiling and thanking you; you will realize you made one of the best purchases for her birthday or Christmas present!

Shop safe at Amazon and enjoy free shipping if you spend $25 or more.

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