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Tinkerbell and her friends have won the hearts of thousands of kids and adults alike around the world.

Because we all know better than Peter Pan. Who wouldn’t fall in love with her? She is beautiful, sassy, mischievous, with lots of attitude, but in the end, lovable as no other!

We love her so much that she has invaded our hearts and homes and we are happy to see that other people loves her too. From her gorgeous blonde hair in that up do, her clothes, wings and shoes, she knows how to make us smile.

Because our little girls in fairy costumes know that playing dress up will take them and her friends to a magical land full of adventures and lots of pixie dust. And we smile when they tell us: Just because you’ve never seen a fairy, doesn’t mean they are not real!

This is the place where Tinkerbell fanatics and collectors can find everything they need to cure their Tink fix, and share their Pixie love with the world.

Here you can post your pictures of items and encounters. Let everyone see when and where you got to meet her or see her and how you felt at that very especial moment.

We will show you how to decorate your kids' room or nursery to embrace a fairy magical land look and style. Everything from the colors, wall decorations, lamps, decals, bedding, pillows and dolls for your little ones.

But we know that if you are an adult you are also proud to show your love for Tink and her friends. But you do it through home decorations, art, posters, garden decor and kitchen themed items.

You can also find everything you need to start or complete your collection. Figurines, dolls, without forgetting about car accessories, jewelry, music boxes, Christmas ornaments and more!

And how about planning a fairy themed birthday party? We will show you the best party ideas and supplies so you can enjoy the party as much (or even more) than the little ones.

Come on in, spread your fairy wings, let the pixie dust cover you and fly along other Tinkerbell fans to a magical place like no other if you believe.

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